Friday, June 18, 2021

Paying your Hostking subscription via debit order is an easy and reliable way to make sure that you are always up to date with your payments and never get suspended or miss any important payments for domains or hosting services.

What is a debit order?

When you set up a debit order for your Hostking account, you give Hostking permission to collect your subscription amount from your bank account each month.

Debit order benefits

Paying your monthly Hostking subscription via debit order is one of the most convenient ways to pay your Hostking account. A debit order helps you stay on top of your monthly payments so that you don't have to remember to arrange to pay manually each month, this reduces the chance of you missing a payment and having your services disconnected.

Having your Hostking subscription paid from your bank account on the same day every month also provides you with a handy payment history, making it easier for you to trace payments and manage your budget better.

Setting up a debit order with Hostking

There are a number of simple ways that you can setup your debit order today.

Online via Hostking Client Area

If you bank with one of South Africa's five major banks (Standard Bank, Capitec, FNB, Absa or Nedbank) and your bank account and Hostking account are both in your name then you will be able to setup your Debit Order using our quick and secure Debit Order functionality.

In order to minimise fraud, our online debit order setup process needs to verify with the bank that the account you supply really does belong to you, this is called account holder verification. Our system sends an electronic mandate to you and then does further verification to minimise fraud. As this process is automated, it will only verify you successfully if both the Hostking account and the bank account are under the same name, if your Hostking subscription is going to be paid by someone else then please use one of the other options below.

Should you have any trouble with the Debit Order functionality, please send an email to for help.

In writing via Email

If your unsure or require further information, please email and one of our billing agents will assist you to set this up.

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